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Flexible Payment Gateway Integration

We have the tools to assist software developers in integrating with our gateway services.

Basic Integration

ePayment Form: USAePay's ePayment form allows merchants accept payments through our secure website with the simple click of a button.
ePayment Form Details

Shopping Cart: A diverse collection of shopping carts have integrated with USAePay's payment gateway services to allow merchants process secure payments through their websites.
Shopping Cart Details

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems: Industry leading POS software companies have integrated with USAePay's payment gateway to allow merchants process secure and safe payments.
POS Integration

SOAP Interface

USAePay has developed a comprehensive Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface. The USAePay SOAP API provides a standard web service interface that gives developers all the tools they need to use the gateway within their applications.
SOAP API Details

Transaction API

The basic protocol for connecting to the USAePay gateway can be used directly from a form or CGI running on the merchant’s web-server.
API Integration Details

Sandbox Gateway

Sign up for a sandbox account and start testing your integration with USAePay. A sandbox account provides a full simulation of the production gateway and is ideal way to test your information. USAePay provides a list of credit card numbers for testing your integration.
Test Card Details

Get more information on documentation, example codes and field requirements for testing your sandbox account.
Sandbox Documentation