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Merchant Knowledge

The USAePay Merchant Knowledge Base is a complete source for anything related to the gateway. The Wiki provides manuals, tutorials, and examples to assist developers, merchants, and resellers in managing their accounts.

Reseller Knowledge

The USAePay Reseller Knowledge Base provides resources for anything related to the payment gateway interface. The Knowledge base includes the Reseller Console Guide and other resources for Resellers.

Developer Knowledge

USAePay works hard to make sure that Developers receive the support they need, and one way we do that is through the Developer's Center. In the Center you can find any API in any language you need. If you can't find something you're looking for, USAePay is happy to work with developers to get their toolkits working smoothly with the gateway.

Guides & Manuals

Merchants, developers and resellers can access hard copy versions of documentation for all USAePay products such as console manuals, software guides and error code documents. All users can access this documentation for reference and download.

Open a Support Ticket

Are you having problems regarding your account? The best method to resolve problems is to submit your questions to USAePay’s support ticket system. Our customer support team will quickly respond and fully document tickets every hour throughout the day. Start taking advantage of our easy support ticket system by submitting your question today.

Check Ticket Status

If you have already submitted a support ticket, you can check the status of it online at any time. Our customer support team constantly updates and answers tickets every hour throughout the day.

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Tools and Tutorials

We have created video and wiki tutorials to help guide you through your USAePay experience. Follow the links for instructions and helpful tools to set up your USAePay account. Check back regularly for the latest additions and added tutorials.
  • Cart Tutorials

    Click to view the list of tutorials for compatible shopping carts, e-stores, and e-store builders.

  • Video Tutorials

    Are you more of a visual learner? We have you covered with our extensive video library of tutorials. Click to learn more.

  • Transaction Gateway API

    The gateway API can be accessed in two ways, server-side or client-side, depending on the capabilities of your scripting/cgi platform. Click to learn more.

  • “ePay”ment Form Documentation

    The “epay” form allows merchants to process payments online. Click to learn how to use the payment form.